Q: I am buying a home, I have a buyer's agent, why do I need an attorney?
A: An attorney is always recommended in addition to an agent.  While agents play a huge role in finding properties for their clients, assisting with offers and negotiating, an attorney reviews all the documents associated with the transaction.  Buying a home is a major life changing event, and you should be protected.  Contracts to purchase and sell real estate can be complicated and often written in the best interest of one particular party.  It is the job of the attorney to negotiate the contracts and make sure that the Buyer is protected.
Q: I have a will, but its 5 years old, do I need to update it?
A: Wills and trusts should be periodically reviewed and updated.  Laws are constantly changing and your estates should reflect those laws.  It is a good idea to have your wills and trusts reviewed every two to three years.
Q: I just had a baby, why do I need a will if I am young and healthy?
A: While new parents do not want to think about the worst happening, its important for new parents to make sure that they have a will which will address your children should anything happen to you. This way, you know that your children will be protected.
Q: I recently got married and I want to change the deed to my house to reflect both of us, can you do that?
A: We can certainly create a new deed for you, and take care of the recording so you will not have to worry about it.
Q: I am interested in buying a foreclosure or a short-sale, can you help?
A: Absolutely.  When dealing with a foreclosure or a short-sale, there are different procedures and laws that govern.  It is very important to have an attorney review all documents associated with the purchase.  We can help you every step of the way, and make sure that you fully understand and are comfortable with the process.
Q: How much are you legal fees? What happens if it takes longer and more work than originally anticipated? Do you charge for every e-mail and phone call we have?
A: Most all of our services are on a flat fee basis.  That means that it doesn't matter how long it takes us, how many e-mails we receive and respond to, or how often we speak.  You only pay only what was agreed upon when you hired us.  We also offered bundled and unbundled services so that you only pay for what you need help with.  Refer to the Fees & Services page for more information.
Q: Where is your office located?
A: We are a virtual office.  This means that we do not have an office that we go to everyday.  We all work from home, however we are able to meet with you where ever you would like to meet.  We do have conference rooms which we use if we need to have a traditional meeting.  Otherwise, we are more than happy to travel to you.  In not paying rent for a traditional office, we are able to keep our costs low, therefore keeping our fees low as well.  We do have all the technology of a traditional firm and are able to communicate quickly and efficiently. 
Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: KMA Law Group, LLC accepts cash, Visa and Mastercard.  We can also arrange a payment plan that fits your payment schedule.

Where to Find Us:

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Real Estate Closings - A complete closing starts at $1000.00 (not including typical closing costs).


Basic Will- Get a Basic Will for as little as $200 per person.


Registered Agent Service- Let us serve as your Registered Agent for $100 annually, which includes completion of Annual Report.


Deed Drafting - Are you selling your house? Let us draft your deed for as little as $150.


Divorce Forms - Get us to help you fill out your forms. A basic uncontested divorce with no children for $999.00


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